Dubai Maritime Authority

“The Ports, Customs and Free Zone” implements Precautionary Measures amidst Weather Conditions

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

In light of the expected low-pressure weather system passing through the region on Thursday, the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation have announced the suspension of receiving requests for the entry and departure of wooden dhows to Dubai. The PCFC has advised stakeholders to avoid sailing under these weather conditions to ensure everyone's safety. Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, the Executive Director of Dubai Maritime Authority at the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, emphasized that the PCFC is prioritizing the safety of its maritime stakeholders. This decision comes in response to warnings from relevant authorities regarding the anticipated weather conditions for this week. The PCFC, through the Marine Agency for Wooden Dhows, has ceased the acceptance of entry and departure requests for wooden ships to safeguard the safety of maritime stakeholders from the effects of the low-pressure system on sea conditions, including high waves and expected heavy rains affecting the country. Sheikh Saeed noted that the Marine Agency is responsible for safeguarding the interests of mariners during their time in Dubai waters. The Marine Agency also oversees wooden ships, ensuring adherence to best practices and standards that guarantee the smooth movement and safety aboard these vessels. He confirmed that "the care of our stakeholders is our top priority, and their safety is our ultimate goal”. He further stated, "The Marine Agency operates through a pre-booking system for all wooden dhows (96 hours in advance of arrival). Therefore, we have informed all shipping agents, owners of vessels, and stakeholders about the weather conditions expected in the country (the low-pressure weather system) and have followed approved safety procedures for dhows and crew in such cases. In the event of an emergency, we encourage communication with the control tower to report it for immediate action”. The Executive Director affirmed the preparedness of the Marine Agency for Wooden Dhows in providing safe berths for over 500 vessels in such situations. Stakeholders are advised to refrain from sailing under these weather conditions unless absolutely necessary, with the Marine Agency ready to receive ships in emergency cases if needed. Additionally, the Marine Agency has held several meetings and field visits with strategic partners to assess the readiness of facilities and take necessary precautions without disrupting movement flow, ensuring everyone's safety at all times. It's worth mentioning that the PCFC Call Centre is fully prepared to receive phone calls and reports of emergencies from stakeholders 24/7, accessible at 800990 in four different languages.