We have developed PCFC Customer Happiness Charter in line with our key strategic perspective of Customer Happiness and Loyalty by employing innovative and sustainable practices and implement the service quality standards to provide an outstanding experience to our valuable customers within the service delivery time standards during the official working hours.

Through this Charter, we are committed to exceed the expectations and elevate the happiness levels of our valuable customers by driving continuous improvement initiatives in line with Dubai Government directives. In our attempt to foster excellent practices, the Charter is subject to frequent reviewing and revamping based on our stakeholders’ feedbacks and suggestions for continual improvement.

Department Responsibilities

Through our commitment of “Your Happiness is Our Ultimate Goal”, we are fostering a customer-oriented culture and developed Customer Happiness procedures to ensure seamless engagement with our customers and we will ensure that Customer Happiness centers and service delivery channels meet the requirements to ensure your happiness.

All our customer complaints and grievances are resolved in compliance with ISO 10002:2018 regulations ensuring timely satisfied resolution, and at the same time ensuring excellence throughout the complaint process.

Our customers’ opinions matter to us the most and hence we engage with them by conducting regular feedback in our attempt to receive their valuable feedback and suggestions for service improvement.

Our stakeholders’ contribution has been incremental in driving our business objectives and therefore it is imperative for us to gauge their satisfaction levels, analyze their experience in dealing with us and leverage on the valuable responses from them to develop sustainable and innovative solutions.

We commit to handle the inquiries of our existing and potential customers with agility and accuracy within the timelines.

We always encourage the voting on Happiness Meters implemented for PCFC entities on various channels such as tablets, website, eservices, etc. as the Happiness Index metrics provides insights from our customers about their happiness levels.


  1. We assure you smooth and timely delivery of high quality services through various service channels.
  2. We ensure that all your information is handled under confidentiality.
  3. We promise to be fair and transparent with you during service delivery.
  4. We ensure that our well-trained and knowledgeable staff will professionally handle all your service requests and other requirements by being friendly, supportive and courteous.
  5. We ensure that you are well informed of any requirements and guidelines.
  6. We make best use of your views, suggestions and complaints to improve our services.
  7. We are keen to provide qualified employees to assist you and meet your needs.
  8. We assure to streamline, simplify, innovate and continuously enhance our process and procedures for service efficiency.
  9. We will handle your requests promptly and satisfactorily in our attempt to serve you better and maximize your happiness levels.
  10. We encourage your valuable feedback and suggestions pertaining to our services and promise to consider them in our improvement initiatives.
  11. Average time taken in order to respond your phone calls is within 20 seconds.

  1. Ensure that the information and documents submitted are accurate, complete and updated to facilitate smooth and timely service delivery.
  2. Treat our employees with courtesy.
  3. Extend your cooperation, support and courtesy to staff members in their attempt to provide you seamless services by responding cooperatively to our requests for complying with service requirement.
  4. Update your contact details whenever there are changes to maintain accurate record with us.
  5. Provide your valuable feedback and suggestions through our communication channels, happiness meters and surveys as they will provide insights to us for continuous service improvement.
  6. Abide by any legal or financial obligations to be eligible for using the provided services.
  7. We expect your continuous engagement and support throughout your journey in availing service from our business units and thereby strengthening our strategic partnerships.

Customer Happiness Formula

  1. Greeting with a smile
  2. Support
  3. Tact and politeness
  4. Good training and knowledge
  5. Show empathy
  6. Innovation in service delivery
  7. Fairness and Transparency

  1. Providing high quality services and various service channels
  2. Provide a happy and positive work environment
  3. Ensure justice, equality and confidentiality
  4. Simplification and continuous improvement of procedures
  5. increase customer happiness & loyalty levels
  6. Set, meet and exceed customer expectations
  7. Adopt customers’ views and suggestions

  1. Treat our Employees with courtesy
  2. Respond cooperatively to our requests
  3. Share your valuable feedback and suggestion
  4. Provide accurate information
  5. Engage and support in the service journey
  6. Always update your contact details
  7. Abide by any legal or financial obligations