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PCFC and DHA Collaborate to Combat Contagious Diseases on Ships Arriving in Dubai

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) has signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to enhance the quality of healthcare services provided on ships in the emirate of Dubai. This aims to achieve common goals and commitments in the maritime and public health sectors. The MoU focuses on establishing a collaborative relationship in regulating health services between the Environment, Health, and Safety Department at the Department of Planning and Development – Trakhees and Dubai Health Authority. It pertains to implementing best health practices and controlling contagious diseases on ships arriving in Dubai in accordance with rules and regulations of each party. H.E Eng. Abdulla Belhoul, CEO of the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees the regulatory arm of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, affirmed that signing the MoU aligns with the UAE's wise leadership vision to enhance partnerships between government institutions. He added that the collaboration between Trakhees Department, represented by the Environment, Health, and Safety Department, and the Dubai Health Authority reflects the Corporation's commitment to enhancing the quality of healthcare services on ships in the Emirate of Dubai, solidifying Dubai's position as an advanced maritime hub committed to applying the highest health service standards in the maritime sector. Belhoul highlighted the memorandum's goals, emphasizing the application of best health practices and local health legislation to enhance Dubai's competitiveness in public health, including the maritime sector. The monitoring of communicable diseases on ships arriving in Dubai and the control of the entry or exit of international public health emergency cases will contribute to maintaining a healthy and safe marine environment. Belhoul added: "Through this memorandum, we will collaborate with the DHA in conducting regular inspections on ships, reporting any health violations, monitoring communicable diseases on board, and issuing non-objection certificates for the entry of ships carrying medical cases into ports. We will also coordinate with port operators to provide all logistical support for DHA employees to achieve the desired cooperation through this memorandum”. Dr. Ramadan AlBlooshi, Director of the Public Health and Protection Department at the Dubai Health Authority, affirmed that “through this partnership, we will enhance cooperation in the fields of public health and the fight against contagious diseases, fully adhering to the rules and regulations of both parties. The partnership will provide all necessary support and facilities to achieve the goals of this collaboration. We look forward to the success of this partnership and contributing to the development of the maritime sector with health and safety systems in the Emirate of Dubai”. Dr. Ramadan stated that the DHA will consider the provisions of current legislation and regulations by issuing certificates related to free movement for incoming ships. Additionally, this partnership will involve collaborating on the development of specialized free training programs for employees of both parties. An electronic exchange feature will be available to align with Digital Dubai Authority’s vision in facilitating inspection procedures and coordinating in cases of health emergencies.