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PCFC Discusses Practices to Boost Trade through Wooden Dhows along with Vegetables and Fruits Sector

Thursday, October 05, 2023

The Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, represented by the Marine Agency for Wooden Dhows, held a meeting with fruit and vegetable merchants in the Hamriyah Market in the Emirate of Dubai, within the framework of strengthening relations between the Marine Agency for Wooden Dhows and its customers from various commercial sectors through a series of regular meetings. H.E. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, indicated that the PCFC is proud to provide its services to an elite group of distinguished merchants in the commercial and economic sector, whose number has reached more than 384 thousand individual and corporate clients. Therefore, the Corporation is keen to maintain its customer base by enhancing communication processes with them by holding periodic meetings and workshops to discuss ways to enhance trade, develop proposals and find solutions to challenges that may face the future of trade. Bin Sulayem emphasized that the Marine Agency for Wooden Dhows is considered the first commercial gate and the most important stop for many merchants in neighboring countries who have chosen Dubai as a preferred destination for trade. “Out of our belief in the importance and long history of trade via wooden dhows, we made sure, periodically and through our work team at the Marine Agency and DP World, and Dubai Customs, has decided to hold meetings with merchants from various commercial sectors in a way that contributes to serving them better and fulfilling their requirements and fulfilling their happiness, thus maintaining the volume of commercial activity through wooden ships in the Emirate, and making Dubai a preferred commercial destination for merchants and investors. We seek to attract more partnerships and customers, which is in line with the PCFC vision of strengthening Dubai’s position as a leading and sustainable center to support the economic sector globally. The Marine Agency for Wooden Dhows has recently held a meeting with fruit and vegetable merchants, in the presence of representatives of DP World, Dubai Customs, and shipping and clearing companies, to discuss proposals for developing services and overcoming all difficulties that merchants may face in order to provide high-level services. During the meeting, Mahmoud Amin Khoory, CEO of the Marine Agency for Wooden Dhows at the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, stated that the Marine Agency is making great efforts to facilitate import, export and re-export operations for food traders, especially vegetables and fruits, by providing the best facilities to facilitate food transport it and reach the local markets with complete ease and protect it from damage. The Executive Director of the Marine Agency for Wooden Dhows has explained that food trade is one of the most vital sectors that requires continuous and intensive development and special attention in a smart manner characterized by speed and high efficiency in accordance with the best international specifications and standards that contribute to maintaining the quality of products and keeping them fresh and edible for a longer period and providing products plus various agricultural varieties for consumers from different countries of the world that suit the requirements of the local market and at competitive prices. Khoory stated that the office of the shipping agent for wooden ships has an annual plan to hold periodic meetings and gatherings with merchants from various relevant sectors with the aim of facilitating the movement of trade and discussing ways to develop it in a way that ensures the provision of distinguished services to the merchants and investors, thus contributing to supporting the local and national economy.