Dubai Maritime Authority

Dubai Maritime City Authority announces its participation in the Dubai International Boat Show

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

As the Maritime Authority responsible for Dubai waters, DMCA will be participating in the 28th edition of the Dubai International Boat Show, which will be held in Dubai from March 9 to 13, at Dubai Harbour. Over 800 companies will be participating -showcasing over 450 yachts, together with latest marine technological innovations. Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, The Executive Director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority, highlighted the role the authority has played in developing a range of initiatives designed to support and encourage the growth of a dynamic maritime ecosystem. These initiatives have brought together all the government stakeholders to simplify and streamline the yachting experience in Dubai. Dubai is already one of the world’s major global maritime centres. With its winter it is fast becoming a global yachting and marine leisure Hub. Some of the Initiatives that the authority has announced ahead of the show include the exemption from all duties and taxes on yachts and customs bonds when visiting Dubai. Yachts may remain in Dubai waters for up to six months. Sheikh Saeed went on to explain the authority’s priorities of safety “our primary role is to make it safe and accessible for all users through marina, boat and equipment inspections and regular training”. The DMCA stand will include a unique interactive map of Dubai waters. “This is just one small example of what we are doing to help make Dubai waters more accessible. We are here to serve anyone who takes to the water, whether they are sport divers, canoeists, dragon boat crew, jet skis owners or the owners of large yachts”, Said Shaikh Saeed. “We are here to help facilitate the enjoyment of all that our waters have to offer. We are working hard behind the scenes to completely update our service platforms, websites and apps so we can deliver a seamless, simplified experience for our customers”. “One of DMCAs many initiatives to simplify the procedures for visiting foreign flagged yachts, is the adoption of customs clearance at the Marina or if the owner prefers on request at the anchorage which DMCA will facilitate”. Sheikh Saeed continued: “Similarly, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship can also issue Visas at the anchorage for anyone of their centres in the Emirate”. Boat owners can also now move more freely between marinas, by simply sending a request to DMCA. This will enable owners to experience the restaurants and entertainment facilities that exist anywhere along the coast and along the Dubai canal. It was also agreed with the Dubai Health Authority that it is sufficient to examine the Corona virus for the crew before issuing the visa, and not to conduct a medical examination for passengers, given that these yachts are considered personal and not commercial. “These are just some of the initiatives that we are implementing”, Said Sheikh Saeed. “And we have only just started”.