“Trakhees” conducts more than 5000 inspection campaigns and checks 169 violations during the first half of 2021

Monday, September 13, 2021

​The Department of Planning and Development – Trakhees, the regulatory arm of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation in Dubai, conducted 5220 inspections within the retail facilities in its private development zones during the first half of 2021, which resulted in the detection and issuance of 169 violations.The Chief Executive of the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees, Eng. Abdullah Belhoul, said that The Commercial and Retail Inspection Section of The Commercial Registration's Department carried out a number of inspections during the first half of this year. The inspections were conducted in a number of areas under the department's control according to a specific schedule and according to specific criteria used during the inspections.The CEO of Trakhees pointed out that the Commercial and Retail Inspection Section contains a number of specialized inspectors to ensure compliance with the regulations, laws and guidelines that should be followed, as the violations observed varied between failure to comply with the requirements and laws, and utilization of the location without official permission, non-compliance with the rules of social distancing and masks wearing to prevent COVID-19.Belhoul stressed that Trakhees conducts inspection campaigns in its affiliated locations to verify any illegal practices within the facilities, shops and temporary establishments, and the unauthorized use of common location and facilities affiliated with their private development zones, and the penalty for violators.Belhoul confirmed the determination of "Trakhees" to continue and intensify its inspection campaigns to prevent and hold accountable establishments and individuals who do not comply with law of UAE and to apply the penalties and fines stipulated by the laws and regulations of against the perpetrators of violations.Rashid Alshehhi, Senior Operation Manager said that "Trakhees" seek to track business compliance with correct practices and direct customers to comply with regulations, laws, and guidelines to ensure a high level of safety and quality of work at retail establishments.