Unified Digital Trading Permit Services

Licensing, License Section

Unified digital Trading Permit Services contains the following Permits
  1. Issuing a permit for instant prizes
  2. Issuing a permit for the Billboards
  3. Issuing a permit for Self-Service Machines (ATM)
  4. Issuing food delivery permit in Ramadan
  5. Issuing Permit To  Touch Device
  6. Issuing an additional working hours permit
  7. Issuing kiosk permit
  8. Issuing a permit for a representative counter
  9. Issue permit for Sewing machine
  10. Issuing an additional office permit
  11. Issuing a composite activity permit
  12. Issue Ware house permit
  13. Issuing a permit for seasonal offers
  14. Issuing clearance permit
  15. Issue a permit for sales
  16. Issue permit for currency selling device
  17. Issue permit for commercial tent
  18. Issue Trade Mark permit
  19. Issuing a paper advertisement permit

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How to apply for Unified Digital Trading Permit


  • Mobile Application
  • Service Centre - Outsourced
  • Website

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​Applicable as per permit type

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