Unified Digital Infrastructure Permits Services

Civil Engineering, Accreditation and Compliance Section

Unified digital Infrastructure Permits Services contains the following Permits:-

  1. Miscellaneous - Additional Electric Meter
  2. Miscellaneous - Additional water Meter
  3. Request Modification permit (Revalidation)
  4. Request for Plot Coordinates
  5. Request for Trial Pits
  6. Request for No objection for Directional Signboard on Service Corridor and Infrastructure
  7. Request for No Objection for Temporary Traffic Divergent  
  8. Request for No Objection for Changing Land/ Building Use
  9. Request for No Objection for Plot Amalgamation and Sub-division
  10. Issuing a paper advertisement permit
  11. Request for Facilities Outside Plot Limits NOC Amendment
  12. Request for shoring NOC Amendment
  13. Request for Building Permit-EHS Revision
  14. Request for DEWA Infrastructure - Laying Cable NOC-New
  15. Request for Piling-Test Result Report
  16. Request for Building Permit-Str Revisions


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  • Website

​Applicable as per Project Specifications

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