Request for New Occupational Health Certificate (OHC)

Licensing, Government Relations and Document Control

This service allows the workers under the companies sponsored by Trakhees to apply for medical service to get OHC card.


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Agriculture Industries / Others 320 AED
Beauticians & Related Services /Spa Workers 660 AED
Car Workshops & Service Centre 460  AED
Carpenter & Noise Producing Industries 340 AED
Cement , Ceramic , Concrete ,Tissue & Textile industries 320 AED
Construction Industries 320  AED
DHA License Services 890  AED
Electric Services 320  AED
Food Handlers 290  AED
Diwan Staff 890 AED
Glass Industries 320  AED
Health Care Workers 690 AED
Ionizing Radiation 320  AED
Oil Refining , Plastic & Chemical Industries 420 AED
leather Industries 390 AED
Veterinary Service 390  AED
Waste Management & Hygiene Service Industries 320 AED
Education Establishment 320  AED
RTA Drivers Screening 290  AED
Maritime Workers Screening 390 AED
DHA Noqoodi Charge 3.00 AED per transaction
Re-scheduling of Medical Appointment for OHC (Free Of charge)

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