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It is a service requested by the customer to obtain an official government document that expresses the trade name of the project and is used in contracts and other official situations where companies use trade names to help market their products or promote their brands.

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Trade Name Reservation:
- Normal Trade Name 620 AED
- Additional Fees will be added to the payment if the trade name includes special features as below:
 Includes Arabized Name 1,000 AED
 Includes Foreign Name 2,000 AED
 Includes Region 1,000 AED
 Includes firm coverage 1,000 AED
 includes abbreviation 2,000 AED
 includes Dubai, UAE, Gulf 2,000  AED
 includes Number 2,000 AED
 Includes Trade Mark 1,000 AED
In case of local branches, only the normal trade name fees will be collected and no additional fees will be added for special features.

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