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Maritime ​Safety

The role of the Dubai Maritime Authority is to promote safe, secure and sustainable waterways. This is achieved by inculcating a strong safety culture within the maritime sector and by taking all necessary initiatives to protect the maritime environment.

The Dubai Maritime Authority is responsible for the development, implementation and enforcement of maritime regulations and standards for the operation of vessels and conduct of maritime activities in Dubai’s waters.

The safety objectives of the Dubai Maritime Authority are to:
  1. Promote safe navigation of all vessels in Dubai waters;
  2. Provide for the protection of the maritime environment in Dubai;
  3. Ensure sustainability of the entire marine sector in alignment with Dubai’s master Strategic plan; and
  4. Champion marine innovation in public private partnerships benefiting Emiratization, Dubai and the UAE.


Vessels that wish to operate or conduct any maritime activities in the Dubai waters shall be subject to an inspection by Dubai Maritime Authority. An inspection shall be mandatory for the application and renewal of a license for a vessel to operate in Dubai waters or if there is a major modification in the vessel or change of ownership of the vessel. A written report shall be furnished to the owner, charter or agent of the vessel upon completion of the inspection.

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