​​​Customers who have payment advice under their names can submit a financial dispute complaint about Trakhees services. The customers must notify Trakhees within 45 days from the date of the dispute with full details of the complaint and submit a supporting document. This action should be done using the Trakhees Customer Relationship communication channels:

When the customer notifies Trakhees within the allocated timeline, an investigation will start, and customers will get notification of the findings.

A payment dispute applies if it includes one of the following:

  • The amount that got deducted while paying through an online channel did not generate a receip.t
  • Customers should contact their bank immediately to obtain a refund for such an incomplete transaction.
  • The amount got deducted, and receipt received successfully but, service was not received.
  • The amount deducted twice for the service, and there is an issue with retaining the duplicated amount.