PCFC’s 10X team presents NAU to Dubai Competitiveness Office

Director of Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department at Dubai Customs, Ahmed Abdul Salam Kazim, along with the head of X10 team at Ports, Customs, Free Zone Corporation and Ayaz Maqbool, General Manager- Dutech met with the team of Dubai Competitiveness Office.

The meeting was part of a strategic partnership between 10X Initiative and Dubai Competitiveness Office. A report is to be released on how much contribution 10X can offer in support of Dubai’s competitiveness. The report will cover the major initiatives and how competitive they are in support of Dubai as a leading city worldwide. It will also show how effective these initiatives are in helping the emirate get better ranking on world competitiveness indexes.

PCFC team introduces NAU; the smart platform that will help in cargo activity reservation for traditional dhows on Dubai creek which will help in more organization and facilitate the bustling movement of dhows across the creek. NAU project is one of the 10X Initiative projects which sets the Government of Dubai on a mission to be 10 years ahead of all other cities.