Dubai Customs

Productivity Disruption Project:

The project increases the productivity of employees using artificial intelligence by calculating the ideal time of working hours, automatically follow time, provide productivity index and forecast, and then make recommendations for leadership by applying special artificial intelligence algorithms.

First phase of the project was completed during the 4th quarter of 2017 and 1st quarter of 2018. A number of workshops have been carried out to ensure the project is a best practice. Dubai Customs is now working on the 2nd phase which will cover the rest of Department’s units and all its functional systems.

The productivity engine focuses on increasing the productivity of employees so they can handle more work without the need for new staff. The difference is that artificial intelligence can monitor what is not monitored by humans

Virtual Inspectors Training Program – Phase II

It is a training system that targets inspection officers at the airports using the virtual reality system being a smart training tool. This improves inspectors’ efficiency and helps them follow best and safest procedures in checking passengers’ luggage.


Creek Vessel Berth Management

A system that manages the operations at Dubai creek and Hamriya port. It includes Vessel registration and management, coastal manifest and declaration management, berth management and inspection.


E-Statistics Project

The project provides updated statistics reports using the latest AI applications. Thanks to the system, Dubai Customs ensures a higher quality of provision of data to help investors take the right decision based on accurate and transparent data, especially about Dubai external trade.


I Declare

I Declare is a smart mobile app that helps passengers securely submit declarations on the go. The app bypasses the current traditional paper forms, providing a quick and secure way to transfer information to the passengers on customs rules and regulations and will help passengers to cut down on waiting time in line from 25 minutes to less than five minutes.



The tool automates the end-to-end process for definition and update of corporate strategy, operational plans and performance measures as well as monitoring and reporting performance results against the targets.
The new system will help achieve the following business objectives:
– Improve Organizational Performance through better business insights
– Ensure proper alignment of organizational goals with division, department, section & employees.
– Improve business agility by triggering timely alerts based on thresholds
– Ensure compliance to DGEP requirements.


DP World


Box-Bay Storage
The technology is going to solve a decades-old problem by giving port operators direct access to any sea container, overcoming the need to “reshuffle” containers whenever one is needed. The result, it claims, is 200 per cent more capacity than a conventional terminal. This is two-and-a-half to three-times more containers per hectare than all competitors can currently do.


The idea is to stack up to 11 shipping containers into vertical columns — about three times the average height currently used — and house each one in an individual compartment. An automated system can then retrieve each without moving any others


Inter Terminal Transfer of Container using External Trucks

The main objective of this initiative is to reduce traffic congestion within JAFZA/DP WORLD Terminals for container movement between T1, T2 and T3. The Inter Terminal Container Movement jobs can now be outsourced to external truck drivers. The Job Dispatching system has the intelligence to foresee the truck drivers’ next job in the other terminal and accordingly request them to accept the job. Once the job is complete, compensation in terms of credits will be issued to the driver. These credits can later be used on any other DP WORLD services.

– Reduce traffic congestion within JAFZA and DP WORLD terminals
– Reuse empty trip to reduce carbon emissions.
– Reduce costs for inter terminal moves.


Twist lock Robot

The “Twist lock Bot” is a robotic arm to remove/engage twist locks on the container without human intervention. It can handle different types of locks of internal trucks.

– Increase safety by removing workforce from pinning station.
– Increase productivity by reducing human activity with the robotic arm.
– 20% faster than humans performing the same activity.


Autonomous Internal Transfer Vehicle
The objective of this initiative is to enable self-drive of trucks and integrate them to the Terminal operating system. These Autonomous Trucks will drive themselves within the terminal perimeter and will perform the loading and discharging moves. These Trucks are fitted with 2 LIDARS (Laser Radars), 4 cameras and 8 sensors to steer, overtake, align to the cranes, park, fuel and complete the activities in the terminal.

In case the Autonomous Truck comes into an exception scenario, the driving job gets transferred to the remote desk where there will be a Remote Driver taking control of the operations.

– Increase in productivity as shift change, meal breaks, and prayer breaks will get obsolete
– Reduction in manpower and cost savings
– Promoting safe environment


Process automation through RPA for Port Operations

To automate mundane and repetitive tasks for Container Terminal Operations, Technical Maintenance Team and General Cargo Section.
Following are the key processes:
– Activate jobs automatically incase the RFID Tags on the trucks are damaged
– Dispatch jobs to internal transfer vehicles in case there is some system disruption
– Create breakdown work orders for emergency maintenance automatically for Quay Cranes, Yard Cranes and Internal Trucks
– Alerting Ops if Reefer Container is not Plugged in/Out for x minutes
– Read the Cargo Category Mapping email from Customer and update in the General Cargo Billing system
– Send alert to GC Operations if any equipment (Fork Lifts, Reach Stackers) are idle for x mins or any External Truck is waiting in Yard for x mins.

Reduce errors as there is no human action involved
Timely intervention from the Bot which leads to increase in productivity
Reduction in manpower and cost saving.


Department of Planning and Development – Trakhees

Smart Inspection – Phase 2

Trakhees Smart Inspection is an effective way to do the inspection by using the tablet device. The inspection officer will visit the facility, check its history and enter comments, warning or penalty if required, with the evidence for each action.
Also, the inspector will receive a notification to revisit the facility if they are required to close any comment.

This helps the inspection process in many aspects. it will reduce paperwork and automate the process. It reduces chances of human errors and helps with better decision on the spot. It will speed up the process, reduce inspection time and increase the number of the facilities. More inspection services will be added to Trakhees smart inspection system.


Trakhees LMS

It’s an e-Learning system which will be used by the HR training section to provide training courses for Trakhees staff internally


Chat Bot

It is an artificial intelligent solution which will be used to answer clients queries related to Trakhees services through website, Whats app and We Chat. All information related to setup, Trakhees services, what is required, fees, how to apply, and the status of the transaction will be answered through Chat Bot. There is also the option of speaking with the staff if further enquires are needed. question was failed.


Dubai Maritime City Authority


Sea Dubai
Sea Dubai will integrate all relevant activities to ensure unique experience in Dubai and promote the local marine and leisure industry with the target to make Dubai one of the leading global maritime leisure destinations.
‘Sea Dubai’ Portal and Smart Mobile application is an interactive platform that will accelerate and facilitate searching and identifying marine leisure activities, identifying tourist locations and destinations, recreational places, floating restaurants, marinas and yacht clubs; and yacht and boat chartering companies as well as jest ski and water sports companies.


Smart Authority
New revamped smart and unified smart native mobile application that provides customers with a mobile-enabled smart channel to access and apply for DMCA services and obtain all related information. The features of the new mobile application include the following :
– Apply for DMCA Services
– Enquiry Services
– Smart Payment
– Digital License
– Smart Customer Workspace
– Marine Library
– Smart Marine Exam
– Weather Now
– Sea Dubai Access
– DMVC Access


DMVC Platform
An enhanced informative, interactive and unifying portal with new Native Mobile Application for the maritime sector in Dubai through the concept of Maritime Virtual Cluster. The enhanced platform provides interactive map, information, services, components and potentials of the maritime sector in Dubai, and enables effective communication between the components of the maritime cluster away from the barriers of time and place.


Customs World

RIISE is a first of its kind intelligent customs system based on the accumulative experiences of Dubai Customs. It will be rolled out globally to empower different countries with a cost-effective and sustainable customs system that allows them to effectively and transparently manage core customs activities and conduct trade in the global market. The disruptive system has been developed as a flexible, plug-and-play solution that can be deployed and customized based on the customer’s requirements. The new system is expected to raise the ranking of the UAE and the countries that will use it on the global indexes, increase revenues, facilitate trade and secure borders and the supply chain.

DUTECH is the technical arm of the Port, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC). It has incorporated new capabilities and services including a new data center, and upgraded its current technology.