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PCFC hosts the Annual Social Gathering to Infuse Positivity and Elevate Staff Communication

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) held the Annual Social Gathering for its employees and their families at Mena Stables facility affiliated with the PCFC. This event provided an opportunity to strengthen communication among employees from various business units and highlighted the importance of creating a productive and positive environment within the PCFC. Hend Ahmed Shaker, the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication at the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, emphasized the significance of this gathering in enhancing communication within the work environment. She considered this gathering a chance to build strong working relationships among the employees in a social atmosphere away from the daily work routine. She confirmed that the events plan for 2024 includes more initiatives and programs that align with the PCFC’s goals in enhancing human capital, creating a happy and positive work environment, opening channels of communication between different functional groups, and promoting teamwork, creativity, and efficiency in performance. The gathering, attended by approximately 200 employees and their families, included a variety of recreational activities and events. Attendees participated in team-building programs, goal-oriented competitions, and specialized contests in intelligence, time management, crisis resolution, and enthusiastic challenges in an enjoyable and engaging manner. These activities added a spirit of positive competition, fun, and the enhancing collaboration and team leadership among the participants. The gathering also witnessed the distribution of valuable prizes to the winners of the competitions and featured specialized programs dedicated to the children and parents of the employees. Hend Shaker emphasized, "Based on the principle that (Our Employees are Our Most Valuable Asset), we ensured that the gathering should be at the beginning of the year to serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement for employees to start the year with a positive and motivating energy for efficient and professional work that achieves the vision and mission of the Corporation. She added: “We are committed to providing all means and initiatives that contribute to creating effective communication channels for our employees, increasing their productivity, and fostering their creative thinking. Since we invest significantly in our human capital, the efforts of the PCFC are tireless in providing everything that positively reflects on our employees, and we look forward to more events and initiatives that enhance communication and promote team spirit within the Corporation”.