Trakhees” runs more than 22,000 Inspections reporting 450 violations during 2023

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

During 2023, the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees, the regulatory body of the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, ramped up its inspection efforts in retail facilities across its designated development zones. These efforts involved over 22,249 inspection tours, leading to the issuance of 450 violations across different sectors. According to recent official statistics released by the Licensing Department of Trakhees, there was a significant increase in the number of inspection tours during 2023, showing a 108% rise compared to 2022. In 2022, there were 10,692 inspection tours organized by the Commercial and Retail Inspection Section, resulting in 220 violations. For his part, Eng. Abdullah Belhoul, the CEO of the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees, explained how the Department conducts a series of inspection tours across various areas based on a thorough plan and specific schedule. These inspections adhere to specialized standards and are aimed at achieving strategic goals related to enforcing standards and requirements in trade and retail areas, with a focus on reducing violations to protect customer rights and interests. Eng. Abdullah Belhoul added: “We allocated different teams to implement these campaigns, and the observed violations varied between exploiting additional spaces without an official permit and non-compliance with the special mandatory specifications that must be followed in accordance with the regulations, laws and guidelines of the Trakhees Department”. The reports indicated that the inspection tours varied between routine tours according to the approved annual inspection plan, through which the integrity of all commercial practices and safety requirements is ensured. Eng. Abdullah Belhoul emphasized Trakhees Department's dedication to enhancing and maintaining inspection activities, along with enforcing penalties and fines as per the country's laws and regulations for those who violate them. He highlighted the Department's aim to ensure that commercial entities uphold proper practices and guide customers to comply with regulations and laws, including taking legal action against violators. Trakhees Department carries out supervisory inspection tours in its areas by an experienced group of specialized and concerned inspectors who are responsible for verifying the absence of any illegal practices within the facilities, shops, and temporary establishments in the areas and shared facilities affiliated with the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees.