​​​​​Examples of Violations​​:

•Embezzlement, Fraud or financial irregularities

•Customs evasion

•Bribery, corruption or other forms of dishonesty

•Exploiting the job for self or others gains.

•A failure to comply with a legal obligation.

•A breach of the PCFC code of conduct.

•Damage of the environment.

•The endangering of an individuals health and safety.


Who can raise the Alarm

The alarm can be raised by any individual (Customer, Vendor, Employee, others) believing that they have discovered malpractice or impropriety and they should raise concerns or disclose in the public interest or blow the whistle. All matters raised are reviewed by an independent team.

Anonymity and Protection

The Individual raising the concern may choose to be completely anonymous or reveal his/her identity if he/she wishes to receive notifications on the progress of his / her concerns. PCFC makes every effort not to expose the reporter to any harassment as a result of submitting a report or disclosing information.

How to raise the Alarm?

The following channels are available to reach PCFC Whistle blowing System:

1.Fill up the electronic form available in PCFC website.

2.Send an email directly about your concerns/disclosure to: PCFC.Whist​leBlowing@pcfc.ae.

3.Call us during working hours on 04-4177033 or 04 4177042.

4.Arrange a physical or virtual meeting.