Productivity labs at Dubai Customs to support Dubai 10X initiative

Dubai Customs’ strategy and corporate excellence department organized a number of productivity labs spanning two days in collaboration with Emerging Markets Leadership Center (EMLC).

These labs, which are part of ongoing plans and efforts to implement the ambitious Dubai 10X drive, was aimed to brief different internal stakeholders and departments on the findings of studies and field visits that had been conducted by EMLC across several customs centers, as well as come up with new ideas and initiatives to enhance employees’ capacity and productivity.

Employees taking part in the labs were distributed into working groups to brainstorm ideas and generate solutions for business productivity optimization.

There were three different labs, namely Trade Productivity Disruptive Lab which focused on promoting Dubai Customs’ role in external trade facilitation and increasing the flow of goods; Passenger Operations Productivity Disruptive Lab which focused on developing new ideas for Customs capacity building in terms of easing passengers movement through Dubai airports ; and Smart Productivity Disruptive Lab which focused on potential use of modern artificial intelligence and smart information technologies to boost efficiencies in Customs work.
More labs are to follow which will discuss the outcomes of the initially brainstormed ideas and initiatives and set action plans for their timely implementation.